Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is the best C/C++ developer environment?

I'm looking for a really good C/C++ developer environment, I've herd Dev-C++ is pretty good, any other suggestions, also don't use fancy words to try and convince me, I'm a very n00bish programmer, and have only worked in Liberty BASIC and HTML, so I don't know what stuff like object oriented means. thanks, please provide some reasons and links

What is the best C/C++ developer environment?
Microsoft Visual Studio Express editions are free downloads, and have most of the features you'd want to learn C and C++.

And if you ever want to move on to more serious development, you'll already know your way around the most popular tools.
Reply:I just started to fool around with C and C++ again. I am predominantly a JAVA developer. I use CodeBlocks which I find to be very good and intuitive for beginners. It's lightweight too. and should give you good tutorials to get started. C is really low level, you will need to understand how the internals of a computer works before you can claim you know C. Pay attention to memory (allocation), pointers, etc.

My vote is CodeBlocks, type it into google and download it. I would recommend Visual Studio for Visual C++ but that is a heavy and costly IDE that is for down the road, when you do professional development in Windows.

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